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Work with me to create a comprehensive estate plan that takes care of your interests in the case of an accident, injury, or other situation where you are no longer able to care for yourself, and that directs the disposition of your assets following your death. If you do not have an estate plan the time for action is now. If your current plan was created before 2013, you may be in danger of having an outdated plan. Discover the 10 common estate planning pitfalls and how to avoid them by downloading our free eBook today.

Why Hire David Ortiz?

I know that over my clients’ lifetimes there will be economic, political, and market events that will create significant emotional hurdles. My mission is to assist them to clear these obstacles and prepare them for the future with a well-designed estate plan. An estate plan is a critical part of any ongoing financial planning process, regardless of your wealth. It is also about much more than just money. An estate plan will help carry out your long-term plan for your family and provide detailed instructions on how to handle assets that need to be split among multiple family members. It will also protect any desire you might have to support specific philanthropic endeavors.

Designing a plan consistent with your goals and values is a personal, often complex process. To help you estimate the value of your estate, you’ll need to take into consideration:

  • Current income and likely future income
  • Life insurance
  • Annual expenses
  • Current assets and debts
  • Tax implications of federal transfer taxes, state death taxes, and federal income taxes

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Estate Planning Considerations

If you own something, you should have an estate plan to efficiently transfer property. Even if you think everyone knows your wishes, the government or your family might have different ideas. Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is more than just about what happens after you die. Estate planning is the process of planning for your personal financial and medical issues while you’re alive, and transferring your property efficiently after you die.

Health Care Power of Attorney: Similar to the financial power of attorney, the healthcare power of attorney gives decision making ability to someone of your choosing, regarding your medical decisions. This is used in the case where you are unable to make decisions on your own. It allows for doctors to deal with a single point of contact when it comes to making important medical decisions.

Living Will: a legal document explaining a person’s wishes regarding the treatment of their property when they die. However, be careful since all Wills go through probate court before they are validated by a judge. Just because you have a will does not mean that your wishes will be granted! It is recommended that you also use a trust.

Financial Power of Attorney (POA): The financial power of attorney is a legal document that gives limited (or unlimited) financial powers to someone who you designate. It is a very powerful tool while you are alive. In the case that you may be incapacitated or unable to make sound financial decisions for yourself this form allows someone of your choosing to make financial decisions on your behalf.

Revocable Trust: Think of the revocable trust as your personal lock-box. The assets that you place into this lock-box are protected from probate court and public information once you pass away. It will also save your beneficiaries on probate costs and heartache. Inside of this lock-box you would place your “instructions manual” (Will) which describes how you would like your assets to be treated once you are gone.

Build a Plan for a Lifetime

According to a study from Forbes, 53% of Americans have no estate plan, and 58 percent of Americans believe their financial-planning efforts need improvement. Although estate planning can be a complex task, a well-informed plan can make a big difference in what is left for your loved ones. Find out if Portability is right for you and how to secure a worry free retirement by downloading our free whitepapers below.

Build a Plan for a Lifetime: Invent Your own Retirement

Most of us pride ourselves in being resourceful, resilient, and self-reliant. Whatever challenges come our way, we typically take them on with energy, resolve, and determination. So it is with the transition to retirement. However we view “retirement” — and we each define it in our own way — we can all embrace this new phase of life with the same sense of reinvention that we’ve mastered at all of life’s turns. Find out how to retire on your terms by downloading our free white paper.

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Tax Mitigation: What Portability Can (and Can’t) Do for Your Estate Plan

Portability is the name for a concept that allows the surviving spouse of a decedent to inherit his or her estate and gift tax exemption. It means that a couple can pass up to $10.68 million in assets to their intended beneficiaries without having to set up a trust. If you already have an estate plan, it should not be considered permanent. Conditions, as well as your desires, may change. Find out if portability is right for your estate plan by downloading our free white paper.

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Why Work with David Ortiz: Experience, Transparency, Trust

Estate Planning is more than planning for life after death – its about identifying what you want in life, and then building the financial architecture, investment and tax strategies to make it all happen. We do this in a personalized approach, with no product selling. Our commitment is to help you work towards achieving all your financial goals and to provide you with a “worry free” retirement.

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